Monday, November 20, 2017

iT'S a hAT

In my soul, I am a hat person. I wear them effortlessly and often. They never "wear me". In real life, well, I'm a little embarrassed whenever I wear them. I don't know why really. I actually live in a place where keeping your head covered is perfectly acceptable and sometimes necessary for a large portion of the year. But for whatever reason, anything beyond a beanie is a real statement. That being said, I've always, always loved the look of a good baker boy cap. Every time I see someone wear one, I love it. So whatever, I picked one up.

And immediately James was like, 'Well that's different'. So that didn't help.

In the end I just had to wear it out and be uncomfortable for a little while and then realize that I love it more than I'm embarrassed by it. It might not be everyone's cup of tea if you live in a place like I do (it's funny, in LA I wore so many stupid hats and didn't care one bit). Your husband might think it's ridiculous. But you do you.

Also, calm down, Melina. It's a hat.


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