Thursday, October 12, 2017

Well Hello Again

This is a very large picture of my face, in case you’ve forgotten it and do not have the ability to scroll down and see my face of TWO YEARS ago (also, “you” are probably just my dad, but that’s cool – I’m going to carry on like there’s a general you out there). This was taken as procrastination during our fourth move in four years. That’s some crappy math.

Anyway to play a little catch-up: my hair is different, my life is different. I opened a small restaurant, moved wayyy into the mountains for a year, had a baby, got married, let my roots grow out, moved back toward civilization (if you can call the general NH area “civilization”). Important things not necessarily in that order, but that’s the gist of it. Over the last month I’ve actually had a modicum of free time and have been itching to write words + take pictures of things. I have a feeling this place will skew more toward the lifestyle posts of the ol’ days of blogging yore, but I can’t say I won’t talk a little style here and there. After all, if you don’t get all gussied up for the internet, you don’t get gussied up at all.

I am also sort of sarcastic. I’m not sure if that’s something you remember.

So ‘Hi, little blog! Nice to be back!’


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