Monday, October 16, 2017

October Baby

We tried to plop the child down the other night for some autumny portraits because he was wearing orange and it seems like a thing we should be doing more often. Of course he was far more interested in picking up bits of tree debris and checking out how they tasted. He probably could have cleaned off the entire rug if we let him. The kid loves all food, even when it's really more like "food".

I would like to also officially announce that we survived his first cold! Seven months in ain't too shabby, especially considering all of shopping cart handles we've licked along the way. Of course James and I bore the brunt of it, as Casper apparently has an affinity for sneezing directly into his parents' mouths. He's already so good at sharing.

He's also giving us a major case of the Where's My Baby, Who Is This Tiny Adult?? For within the last 30 days he's begun crawling, babbling like crazy (we're very close to "Dada" much to this "Mama's" chagrin), eating much more solidy-type food (I am crazy good at early childhood development vernacular) and now: standing. Standing in the crib, standing using his larger toys, standing on you, crawling over you to stand on the cat. All of it. I feel like this entire month has been packed with the most development yet and his days as a "baby" are quickly coming to an end. They say to soak in every moment of it and that it all goes by so fast, and this month so far has really driven that point home.

Oh and also, if you have a wee one in your life, please do them a favor and get them these hilarious track pants and this awesome badger sweatshirt that I truly wish was adult-sized.


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