Monday, November 23, 2015

Leopard Life

If I ever wind up in a situation where someone has a gun to my head and inexplicably is demanding I choose one print for the rest of my life, I would tell them that the gun is a little much. I mean, duh, it would obviously be leopard print, my one true love. Seriously, please see exhibit A, B, C, DE (yeah, I dug into the archives for that last one). On a regular basis I actively have to restrain myself from purchasing items in the print and thoroughly plan on aging into my ever-growing collection. I expect by the time I'm in my 70s I'll own nothing but leopard and will be sadly disappointed if I'm known as anything other than 'The Leopard Lady'.  #goals

For now I will try to remain respectable about it.


  1. wow! I am totally in love with this outfit. I've been planning to have a leopard print coat eversince but never found one that I would really love. But this one is gorgeous. I think it's high time to have one in my closet ;)


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