Friday, October 30, 2015

Witchy Woman

F21 Maxi Dress (sold out, options herehere & here) / Shoemint Booties (similar here & here) / Belt

I had "Witchy Woman" on a loop in my head while wearing this dress, so obviously I rolled with it for this post. It's pretty Halloweeny in fact! Though really, that song just reminds me of Seinfeld and Elaine...

Also, I would have never dreamed of wearing this much black before I had blonde hair. It just seemed way too moody for me to pull off. I was always more prone to wearing blues and greys, but now I seem to want an edge to my outfits. Black cuts the inherent girliness that comes with this hair. I promise I'll stop talking about hair color soon. It's just been pretty obvious to me after looking at the past couple of outfits I've worn.

Anywayyy, happy Friday and Happy Halloween!!!

And best of luck dealing with that miserable thing known as 'daylight savings' ending. :(


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