Monday, October 19, 2015

The Return

Yerse sweater / Land's End vest (yes, it's the kids section, they're adult versions are enormous) / Topshop skinny jeans / DV Dolce Vita boots / Longchamp bag

The return of fall. Also the return of the blog because it's been brought to my attention by both my father and my grandmother (my most loyal of readers) that I haven't updated this ol' thing in a loong time. "Since Tax Day!" my father specified and would probably like you to know. So I figured it's as good a day as any since we're really feeling the effects of fall at this point and thus it's my favorite time of year to get dressed (love you summer, but your clothes are boring).

I almost fell over when I looked at the cost of this sweater. I bought mine as a sample at a trade show I was at for work, so it was significantly less. It is my current favorite though because who doesn't love a patterned sweater? And also because you can't have too many sweaters when you live in New England. You need a good rotation or you're going to go downright crazy during the depths of February and March. Plan accordingly now.


  1. Your sweater looks so cozy, I love the print


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