Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Le Rip

Maybe it's the 90s child in me, but I've always loved a good pair of ripped denim. Unfortunately I live surrounded by people who tend to ask me, credulously, "Did you actually buy them like that?" So for awhile I stayed away. However somewhere along the line I began picking up a few pairs here and there and, well, you know how that goes - basically that's all I want to wear these days!

Inevitably buying denim "pre-ripped", if you will, always ends up looking better and, dare I say, less trashy. I'm sure there are some talented DIYers out there who can perfectly distress their own denim, but generally I'd suggest leaving it to the designers. It's their job to know what's flattering after all. These are absolutely the most distressed jeans I own, but they also happen to be my favorite. Worth every penny for the strategic rips and they go with everything! It's actually been a little hard getting dressed in the morning and not reaching for them...


  1. that sweater is perfect!

    xx nikki

  2. This is basically my uniform this time of year! Love these jeans.



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