Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow Day Everyday

Michael Kors Puffer Coat (similar here & here) / Madewell Sweater (similar here & here) / Glamorous Faux Leather Leggings (also here) / LL Bean Boots / James's Scarf (similar here & here) / JustFab Bag

Those of us living in New England have pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that it will never stop snowing. The sun will never warm us up to above freezing and we will all get buried alive by the ever-increasing snow mounds. We are also getting a bit melodramatic about it all.

Please send warm thoughts because until then I'll be wearing the same heavy sweaters and boots over and over again until I go completely insane from the monotony of it all.


  1. Such pretty pictures! I love the color of this parka!


  2. love that puffer coat!
    xx nikki


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