Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long Camel Coat

Missguided Camel Coat / Blank Denim Distressed Jeans / Saks Fifth Ave Sweater (similar here & here) / Topshop Booties (similar here) / Longchamp Tote / Old Navy Scarf (similar here & here)

I for sure thought this camel coat was going to be one of my more ridiculous purchases. I'm not entirely sure why because the color is pretty classic and it's not the craziest silhouette. But being short, my biggest concern was that a long coat would swallow me alive and make it look like I was playing in a costume box (I don't overreact in my head at all...). I was pretty shocked when, on separate occasions, both James and my Dad declared that they liked it. If my Dad likes something I'm wearing, then it probably wasn't all that "out there" to begin with.

It's good that I'm still excited about my coats. I think my coat excitement is what has gotten me more than halfway through January (ie. the longest month ever, except some March-es). Though maybe it was also the insanely long business trip I went on... we shall never know.


  1. Love this lace trimmed sweater! What a find. Such a classic outfit. Love love.

    Heidi D.

  2. that coat is PERFECT!

    xx nikki

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