Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Planning

We're just a little past the half-way point in the fall capsule wardrobe, so cue the victory music! If you're partaking, how is it going for you? Have you been happy with your choices? 

Over all I would say I'm doing pretty well. Surprisingly I haven't felt restricted by my selections! I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I didn't limit my shoes or coats, so that has provided me with a lot of variety. I don't regret this decision in the least, even if it is sort of considered cheating...

Since this is my first go of it, the past week or so I've been thinking a lot about what my winter wardrobe will look like. Given that my second capsule will start shortly after the holidays and all the chaos that ensues, I figure it can't be too soon to begin the planning process. A significant portion of my capsule will consist of items I already own, but as I think of my Christmas wish list, it's also the perfect time to consider what new additions might be helpful!

I can say that this process has definitely begun to change the way I think about what I need in my closet (answer: not much really). Anything I add will need to (a) be good for layering or adding warmth and (b) provide the outfit with a bit of texture. Interesting outfits always have a bit of pattern and texture mixing in them and a lot of my current capsule wardrobe pieces feel a little too similar. I'm also looking for colors that will go with almost anything.

Here is a breakdown of some of the things I've been considering:

-I really want an olive blouse and have been playing around with the idea of using olive as a theme. I had one a couple years ago that I loved (seen here & here), but I believe it got destroyed in a washing/drying incident. :(

-Two staples missing in my wardrobe are the classic black turtleneck and the classic white blouse. The former has been something I've avoided since I was a child, scarred by memories of ski trips where I felt like I was being strangled (I am was dramatic). The latter is somewhat elusive to me. They're either ill-fitting or too sheer. I tell you, when I find the perfect one, I'm going to buy like 5!

-I'm determined to find a pair of dark wash jeans I love after substituting out the pair I originally chose. This shouldn't be hard, but for some reason it is.

-I've come to really love my destroyed boyfriend jeans, but now that the temperatures are cold I can only wear them around the house. I think a pair of distressed jeans like these would give me just the right amount of destruction, plus winter means boot-wearing all the time and skinny jeans just work better for that! (Also, you cannot beat that price!)

So that's how my planning is going thus far. Have you started planning your winter capsule yet? Any ideas on what you'd like to add? Also, do you have any suggestions for some of the pieces I'm missing?? Working off of recommendations is always helpful!


  1. I love those matte leggings! Such beautiful fall staples!

    Heidi D.

  2. love that white blouse!

    xx nikki

  3. big YES for the turtleneck {bringing the nineties back} and also the distressed jeans. You're actually onto something with the turtleneck...I'm currently browsing F21's selection. Kinda like the stripy versions too! Or perhaps a turtleneck sweater!
    I really wanted a white/cream blouse for my autumn capsule, but like you, couldn't find one that wasn't too sheer or pregnant fit. And in the end I'm glad I didn't get one because I don't think it would really work with my current style, plus I tend to prefer more natural materials - and these blouses are always made from plastic.
    My tip for anybody's winter capsule would definitely be: stock up on sweaters. You won't regret it. :-)

  4. I love your sweater and so pretty casual look, love that.
    check my new post
    see you soon


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