Thursday, November 20, 2014

01.15 Riding Boots + Cropped Sweater + Gingham

H&M Cropped Sweater (similar here) / J. Crew Factory Gingham Shirt / Zara Jeans (similar here) / Dolce Vita Tyson Boots (similar here) / Longchamp Le Pliage Tote / F21 Coat (similar here & here for under $30!) / Modcloth Aviators / InPink Necklace (love this one!)

Sorry for all the indoor pictures recently. Like most of the country we've had some intense cold whipping through with face-freezing wind accompanying it. Not so great for dawdling around outside! Not to mention my photographer loving, patient boyfriend has been pretty much busy with school stuff around the clock.

However, I snapped these photos quickly before running some errands the other day. When the first true cold comes in, I finally have to give up and start layering... and it always skews super preppy at first. Riding boots and gingham will do that to you! But seriously, other than wearing tights under your pants, tall boots are the only way to layer up non-winterized legs. I tried to counteract all the prep by using a slightly modern cropped sweater and throwing on some aviators. It may have just made me look like a school-aged Amelia Earheart though...


  1. perfect layers!

    xx nikki

  2. Loving layered looks right now! With the weather hitting below 20 degrees in Illinois this past week, I've also been looking for ways to keep warm while still looking put together - you look great!

    Chiedza | LAWLESS Fashion

  3. LOVE this layered look! Such pretty colors.

    Heidi D.


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