Tuesday, November 18, 2014

01.14 The Day My Brain Up and Died

Free People Lace Sweater (similar herehere in wine, cheaper option here) / Zara Skirt (similar here, here & here) / Vince Camuto Karita Boots (currently 30% off!)/ H&M Boucle Coat (similar here) / F21 Tights

This weekend was my friend's baby shower, which is kind of a big deal because she is the first person out of us to have a kid (it's still a concept I'm coming to terms with). So early Saturday morning I get up, throw this outfit on, text my best friend about the gift I'm bringing (last minute doubts) and head down to my parents'. From there my bff will pick me up and we'll drive together to the shower.

So I get to my parents' house a little early to grab a bite to eat and catch up a bit. Also, I've obviously not wrapped said gift yet, so I enlist my mother's help. Then I sit and wait. The agreed upon pick-up time comes and goes. 'Hmm, I guess we won't be grabbing coffee beforehand...', I think to myself. Another 15 minutes pass and I call my friend because now we're teetering on the edge of being late and my skin crawls when I know that's a possibility. Another 10 minutes later and now we're almost certainly going to be late and my friend isn't picking up her phone! She lives about 5 minutes from my parents' place and oh my god, what happened in those 5 minutes, should I call the police??

Helpful as always my dad is like, 'Do you want me to drive you along the route she'd take in case something happened?' (!!! thanks Dad, panic!) So now that I'm fully bewildered and mildly panicked he off-handedly asks, 'Are you sure it's today?' to which I reply 'Of course it's today!' in a tone straight out of 16-year-old Melina's teenage handbook. I pull up an image of the invitation on my phone (because I obviously lost my copy weeks ago)...


'OH. MY. GOD. It's tomorrow!!'

My parents are officially concerned that I've lost my mind and I immediately text my best friend apologizing for texting/calling her at insanely early hours of the day as well a ridiculous amount of times over the last thirty minutes. 

And yes, I went ahead and just wore this same outfit the next day too.


  1. That sweater is really cute. I get my days mixed up all the time.

    1. Thanks, Jess! Good to know I'm not totally alone! :)

  2. that skirt is so cute!

    xx nikki

  3. Haha! This is great. Very relatable, too. It hasn't happened to me to this extent but sometimes my mind goes like, omg did I forget to do this super important thing that I had been thinking about all week--just to check and see the deadline is in 2 weeks time.
    Love how you paired the purple coat with the pale pink skirt. Great colour for a baby shower!
    xo Kat

    1. Thanks Kat! In a way it's actually kind of nice to be AHEAD of something versus forgetting until after something happens. My parents joked that it was a dress rehearsal for the next day!

  4. Cute skirt! And funny story. I feel like I've done that before too lol

    xo T.


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