Friday, October 17, 2014

01.05 Navy Trench + Pink Skirt

H&M Navy Trenchcoat (now on sale!) / H&M Striped Sweatshirt (similar here) / Zara Skirt (similar here & here) / Target Necklace / F21 Zipper Boots (love these!)

Not entirely sure what's going on with the weather these days, but it's been almost 80 and humid! I'll take it, but I'm just hoping that it doesn't immediately then plunge into winter territory. Even still, I can't complain. Maybe it's just that we're in a new place and the highways that we frequent around here are more treelined, but the foliage has been really awesome this year! Like causing traffic situations on Friday and Sunday nights awesome because everyone in southern New England has been traveling this way. As we were taking this walk James announced, "October is my favorite month!" as if it isn't everyone in the Northeast's favorite as well. Can't it just be fall year-round?

In terms of this trenchcoat, I'm almost entirely positive that my mother owned something incredibly similar to this back in the 90s. That version probably had those weird rounded shoulder pads, but I love that the flowy trench is back (for the record, my mother managed to wear any 80s/90s trends with complete grace, probably due to keeping away from any poufy hair trends)! Structured trenchcoats always overwhelm me, but there's something about this slouchy silhouette that makes this easier to wear. Again, let's just hope the weather stays reasonable for at least another couple weeks!


  1. love that pink skirt!

    xx nikki


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