Tuesday, October 28, 2014

01.07 Rainy Day Errands

All of last week it rained. Apparently we got a Nor'easter, but mercifully it wasn't cold enough to snow. By the end of the week, as I was starting to get annoyed with the overcast sky, I had to remind myself that this is the type of weather I would kill for when I was living in Los Angeles this time of year. Sometimes that helps!

I threw this on to go get cold medicine for James (don't even get me started on boys and colds...). It was about as eventful an outfit as I wore all week. Though I will say, these Forever 21 boots have very much surprised me over the years. I wear them all the time when it's pouring out or slushy or muddy. Obviously they were super cheap and are made of fake leather, so I've never cared much if they get ruined. However I've learned they're surprisingly resilient and tend to reach for them when I've tired of rain/snow boots. It's funny how the cheap pieces I'm not concerned with ruining will often get high rotation in my wardrobe!


  1. i LOVE those boots!
    xx nikki

  2. The is the best "running errands" outfit I've ever seen. You look great! Those pants are soooo awesome and yay for cheap booties that end up being closet rock stars!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! It looks surprisingly put-together for being so comfy!


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