Wednesday, October 8, 2014

01.02 Ripped Denim & Leopard Coat

BB Dakota Leopard Coat / Gap Chambray Shirt / Black Ripped Denim (similar here) / Ivanka Trump Anders Booties / Zara Pearl Choker (similar here) / Timex Watch

Let me tell you a little story about these jeans. I bought them back when my first friend got married for her very tame bachelorette party at a Margaritas (I had just moved to LA and missed the real one down in Boston...). That night I paired them with a flowy, off-the-shoulder zebra print top. They were solid black and obviously didn't have any holes in them and I regret nothing about that outfit. I remember freaking out a little about my friends growing up and getting married (hello, they're almost all married at this point and I still sometimes freak out!) and for one reason or another buying ultra-skinny black jeans made me feel better. I think black denim was back in the cities but not in good ol' New Hampshire yet, so it somehow made me feel cool and I needed to feel cool in that moment.

Regardless of the insane rationale, they've now aged perfectly. I've hacked off the bottom hems and helped along the holes forming in the knees. I sometimes wish they weren't from an era when low-rise was the only rise. Overall though, I still tend to grab them whenever I want to feel 'with-it' or cool or whatever the kids are calling it these days ;). So obviously they are magical, feel-good jeans. And those are the jeans you should hold onto.

Did that sound like a Full House, moral of the story ending to this post? It sort of did, huh? (Also could I have dated myself more??)


  1. i love that jacket!


  2. It is funny how pieces of clothing can have so much more meaning than "these are a pair of black jeans". Love the whole look.

    1. So true! I can remember a lot of things based on what I was wearing when it happened!

  3. They look perfectly distressed now, and I really love your leopard coat!
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