Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Comfiest Pants


F21 Harem Pants / J. Crew Cardigan / Sole Society Gilia Heels / Longchamp Tote / random tank / F21 Sunglasses & Bracelet

As I sorted through these pictures tonight all I could think was, Uggh was I really wearing a cardigan just a couple days ago? Because there is humidity going on up in here and basically a cardigan sounds like the worst torture. Of course about a minute into this train of thought, I realized that this very same cardigan is sitting in my work bag right next me because I wore it all day in the office. So I suppose it has its place in summer-wear, even on a muggy day. And even on days when my brain has apparently stopped functioning properly.

These pants were featured in one of those Forever 21 lookbook images they sometimes have on their shopping pages. They always show these items that make me go, Ooo that's cute! Only to never be able to find said cute item among their offerings. Well several weeks after seeing these, searching for them, and subsequently giving up on it, suddenly there they were! I suggest you try them out because they are comfortable beyond belief and perfect for summer. They come in denim sizing for some reason (25, 26, 27, etc), but are true to size. Size down if you'd prefer a little less pajama-y look. Add sandals and a tank and really you're good to go!


  1. i love those pants!!


  2. F21's inventory is always so sketchy, so it's always amazing when you can find what you need online! I LOVE these pants. I am actually looking for something similar - and I love the great price. You look great!

  3. Oh man they look so dang comfortable while still making you look bangin'


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