Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Stripes

These past few weeks have been maniacally busy for me and there isn't much sign of that letting up... potentially ever. So we've been trying to soak up mellow moments on the weekends as much as we can. Walks when the weather is warm, low-key movie nights when it rains. These are the things currently keeping me somewhat sane. 

Right now James is off studying for his last couple finals (it's crazy that he's basically done his first year!), and a new computer has prompted me to take a few moments to jump back into blogging. Naturally by a few moments I mean a couple hours fiddling with my new baby and getting everything set-up the way I like. Now that I can finally edit pictures without it taking almost 2 hours, I'm thinking I'll be much more apt to blog. I'm mostly used to my crazy schedule and I've been wanting to blog, but my god did my old computer not want to run any program without grinding to a resounding halt and then freaking out. Such a diva!

So hey, little blog! Let's be friends again!


  1. Love this stylish dear, pretty.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Come check my new post
    See you soon

  2. Sounds good to me - always happy to see you!
    Love your bright white chucks, I feel like I should get a pair (since I'd been previously just borrowing my sisters)
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  3. love that blazer!


  4. I really love this outfit - such a great mix of dressy and casual, elegant and preppy. Everything about it just works really well.

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