Monday, February 17, 2014

Tuxedo Stripe

Forever 21 Coat (similar here and here) / 5/48 Gold Contrast Leggings (similar here) / Forever 21 Burgundy Booties (similar here, 60% off!) / BB Dakota Teagan Vest / Forever 21 Cable Knit Sweater (similar here) / Shamelessly Sparkly Pearl Necklace / Forever 21 Crossbody Bag (Love this and this!)

One of my biggest sartorial struggles has always been layering. So this winter I’ve been making a conscious effort to try it out in different ways, much out of necessity, but also out of the sheer boredom that comes with February dressing. The other day I pulled out my favorite faux leather piece (seriously one of the best-feeling fake leathers I’ve gotten my hands on). I built this look completely around that vest and, even though everything else skewed super girly, the toughness of the ‘leather’ is still pretty prominent. I really like how it turned out.

Another goal of mine in the upcoming weeks is figuring out how I can continue the workouts I had so diligently been doing before I started my new job. Balancing them and The Commute is going to be quite the feat and will ultimately require waking up even earlier (sadface, I’ll never be a morning person). However, looking at my legs in these pictures is pretty motivating, as they’ve already gotten much more out of shape…

How do you fit workouts into your workdays? I’d truly love to hear!!


  1. Lovely look! :)

  2. love this look! those booties are too cute!


  3. I love those leggings! The golden stripe is such a fun touch :) I haven't needed any layers this winter, it has only frozen one day! It's pretty crazy, but since we had such a heavy winter last year it was a welcome change! xo

  4. oh you're crazy! you're legs look amazing!

    i struggle with working out on work days too. when i get home from work i just feel like being lazy. my husband works out regularly, so that's good motivation for me! it's easy to go when you don't go alone! so get a work out buddy!


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