Monday, February 10, 2014

Coat on Coat

J. Crew Denim Jacket (similar here) / Forever 21 Open-Knit Sweater / Asos Denim Skinnies (similar here) / Forever 21 Utility Jacket (similar here) / Sam Edelman Louie Booties / Zara Crossbody Bag / Modcloth Aviator Sunglasses

Oh February, how do we survive you? Especially when people at the freakin’ Winter Olympics are talking about 60 degree weather. Torture! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m sick of all my winter coats. The solution? Throw on two of my lightweight jackets that haven’t seen the light of day for many months. It kept things interesting that day. Not to mention this is the most color I’ve worn in a crazy long time.

Again, forgive me for being that sporadic, bad blogger. Still trying to find a routine with my new job/commute. Let me tell you this, when you face a crazy long commute in the morning, it actually makes work easy. Because positively anything is easier than a morning commute.


  1. Lovely parka!

  2. love this!! the layers and colors are perfect!


  3. i totally hear you! i'm trying to figure out my blogging routine with my new job too...and that's basically lead to not blogging at all.

    and yes...morning commutes are the worst!!

  4. I love your blog

  5. I love the idea of layering jackets. You look beautiful:) Kisses, sweetie.

  6. I absolutely love this denim jacket pairing, great look my dear!

  7. Two coats sounds about right for this weather - and this snow! Ugh. Sorry you have such a miserable commute, that is the worst.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Cute outfit! Love all the layers!

  9. I know how you feel. I'm beyond tired of winter and all of my clothes. I love how you layered your two jackets here.

  10. Lovely purse
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    let me know
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  11. I really like the idea of layering jackets - especially when you are so over winter and all your coats! I am sure it has been such a clothing adjustment from living in California! And gah - I can't imagine how bad that commute must be! I've never had a bad commute, but it makes me frustrated to think about. I do hope you are liking your job and that it's worth it!

  12. I love so much this look and these colors.
    Very cool.

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    Thanks for your comment.


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