Monday, January 20, 2014

The Formula

Faux Leather Lapel Coat (similar here) / Joe’s Jeans Skinny Ankle Jeans / L.L. Bean Boots / Forever 21 Shadow Stripe Scarf / The Sak Iris Satchel / Handmade Beanie

Scarves, coats, jeans, boots. It’s a little hard to break out of that formula these days. Luckily I have a decent amount of all four of those things to keep me going (hopefully) through til spring. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a grey scarf in my arsenal, so I snatched up this pretty striped one with one of my Christmas gift cards. This year I tried really hard to hold off on using those cards. I’d say mid-January is probably a personal best! And hey, I still have a few left. Baby steps!

This weekend we got dumped on with some snow yet again. Though it was the first storm we had where the weather was only just barely freezing, resulting in some mean snowman-making snow. James and I spent a good amount of time rolling snowballs the size of me down the driveway (check instagram for photographic evidence) on Saturday. Only to realize we had wasted a whole bunch of time doing that and still needed to grocery shop and actually shovel the driveway before some of my friends came over. Poor James got left doing the latter. Wet snow: good for snowmen, bad for shoveling. I’m thinking James may be recovered by next weekend. ;)


  1. that snow is beautiful! and i love that beanie


  2. Beautiful!!! I love your photos and youìre so romantic.
    Wonderful blog
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  3. Nice pics!!!

  4. Loving all the snow. It has gotten crazy cold up here again too. I live in my sorel boots, parka and hats...

  5. great post.
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  6. that beanie is adorbs.

    i wish it would snow here...but only if it's not super cold. haha :P

  7. Cozy and I love all your lovely layers:) Kisses

  8. lovely blog :)

  9. I'm not the biggest fan of snow and cold, but those boots looks so insulated and practical. Also, what a great color for a beanie--I've never seen that shade before.


  10. Wow so much snow. Fabulous pictures. Love the pop of green.

  11. Cute look for winter! Love it! Great blog

    xx Cissy

  12. It's not a bad formula, and not freezing while taking photos is always a plus.

    I hate that realization that snow no longer equals fun and games and snow days, but hard work.

    Those snowmen were pretty epic though.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. amiga que linfas fotos amei o seu look, post maravilhoso.
    tenha um final de semana abençoado.


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