Monday, January 13, 2014


H&M Boucle Coat (similar here & here) / Gifted Plaid Scarf (similar here) / James Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jean in Karma / Topshop Asher Boots (similar here & here) / The Sak Iris Satchel / Vintage Pendleton Blazer / Old Navy Striped Perfect Tee

This year I’ve taken more time than usual coming up with some resolutions. To be honest, I generally save resolutions for my birthday and not the new year, but seeing as this could be a long, cold winter, I think it’s best to set some now! One of the bigger things I’ve been mulling over (aside from career and life goals) is how I want to approach blogging going forward.

It’s amazing how much the whole blogosphere has changed since I started way back when. Obviously there are a lot more people doing it and there’s been a shift toward a more editorial blog style than the diary-esque one of my beginnings. Don’t get me wrong, I started reading blogs as an alternative to magazines and many of my favorites to this day focus on the pictures and outfits and little else. That’s completely fine. But I do definitely miss the daily musings you used to find in style blogs, that personal touch. It was far less about selling products and more about inspiring both yourself and others. I’m not sure bloggers will ever return en masse to that style, but as I read through my archives (hah, what a weird thing to say!) recently, I realized I would love to try and incorporate more personality back into my posts. I think we could all benefit from stepping back a little from the SPONSORSHIP!!! race and remember that we probably started this crazy hobby as a way of connecting with others.

Have any of you guys been around long enough to have seen this shift? Am I alone in these crazy thoughts? I’d love to hear what you have to say on the subject!


  1. Ooh, I love that coat, such a great color and texture :)
    And yea, it has definitely gotten more about selling things than just sharing outfits. I think a mix of both is good.

    1. I completely agree! Marketers working with bloggers makes so much sense and it's kind of nice in a way because you get to see the product on 'real' people. So I'm definitely an advocate of a mix. I'm just also an ol' fogey who hopes the quirkiness of blogging doesn't completely go away. ;)

  2. much love to this outfit ! You look great ;*

  3. I love your coat!!!!

  4. I've been blogging for 2 years and I do know what you mean about the shift. Now it seems so many bloggers have developed a huge following just from buying into giveaways and that doesn't sit so well with me.

    The Tiny Heart

  5. that jacket is gorgeous! love the colors!



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