Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wish List/Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for things like wish lists and gift guides. I kind of feel weird just being like, hey, here’s what I want! But I’ve been asked by my family (and dropping a rather obvious hint for James) and think it might serve as a little gift guide as well. A few things on here are relatively universal gifts for women.

Trench Coat / Earrings / Crystal Nail File / Scarf / Striped Tee / Perfume / Men's Watch

A Trench with a Twist

The big thing on my list this year is this French Connection Trench Coat. Every woman should have a nice, classic trench in her wardrobe. I especially like that this one has a bit of leather trim that makes it a little more special and give it some edge.

Geometric Earrings

I could always use some statement accessories! I sort of dislike wearing bracelets in the winter and don’t really enjoy wearing necklaces with scarves, so bold earrings seem like the best way to spice up a wintery outfit.

Crystal Nail File

I think this is a great universal stocking stuffer. Technically with those nail files you get at the drugstore for like .99 a pack you should only file in one direction. However, a crystal file doesn’t split your nails as much. It also lasts a lot longer, so the bonus is: less waste!

A Big Grey Scarf

This one is simple: I don’t own a grey scarf. I love the stripes and fringe on this one, plus it’s pretty long. Big, long scarves are kind of in this season. Ones you can wrap around you a bunch of times and bundle up in.

Striped Tee

I don’t know many women who would turn down a classic striped tee. I happen to have a surplus of blue ones, but no grey. The horror!

New Scents

This one is a little tough because you sort of have to know what the person prefers. I’ve gotten a couple tests of Elizabeth & James’ new Nirvana Black perfume though and really like that it’s not overtly floral and girly (I’m terrible at describing perfume).

Leather Band Timepiece

James has this really awesome and expensive watch with a nice cognac leather band. I tried it on the other day and immediately fell in love with how it looked. However, I wouldn’t dare wear his out, so I think I’ll ask for my own. This classic Timex looks very similar and is far less expensive.


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