Monday, December 30, 2013

Eve Attire

Zara Military Dress (similar here & here) / Forever 21 Grey Coat (similar here & here) / JustFab Hepburn Bag / Shoemint Lane Bootie (similar here) / Zara Checked Scarf / Fleece-lined Tights via TJMaxx (similar here)

I took a little blogging break during the holidays, which was really nice, admittedly. Thus, I’m a bit behind and showing you my Christmas Eve outfit today. It’s never really been preferable to get all fancied up on the actual day of Christmas, so it’s always on the night before that we break out the (incredibly semi) formalwear.

I actually bought this military style dress last year on super sale (so I’m thinking it’s from two seasons ago?) with the intention of wearing it to James’s company Christmas party, but alas, California weather had me push it to the back of my closet. It wasn’t until the morning of Christmas Eve, when I saw a news anchor wearing a similar style dress, that I thought to take it for a spin. I really love the button detailing on it, plus it’s pretty much the only article of clothing I have in this pretty green color. I might have to remedy that!

Hope you all had a great holiday and are gearing up for a fun New Year!


  1. Love this look. The oversized scarf really makes the outfit.

  2. Such a great outfit! Love that scarf!

  3. I am the same way with Christmas - we went out for a nice Christmas even dinner so I dressed up then, but I wore sweats pretty much all day on Christmas!

    I am obsessed with this dress! It's so unique and the color is gorgeous. Perfect festive outfit!

  4. that scarf is amazing. i would totally steal it from you if i could.

    and that dress?? perfect!

  5. i love that scarf!!


  6. This is such a lovely and stylish look for winter - the coat and scarf really pull it all together. And I'm in love with your booties!

  7. You look gorgeous! And make me long for cali weather too. It hasn't been really cold, but it's also not the blazer-type weather. You definitely should get another green dress too. I really love this color on you! xo

  8. Ah what a marvelous green dress !
    Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

  9. You look so beautiful in this shade of green. Gorgeous. I love the touch of tartan. Such a classy coat. I have always loved grey coats. You look stunning, one of my favourites from you. All the best for the new year and I hope your wishes come true.

  10. I love that shade of green! It's literally the only color I wear. It's been my favorite color for as along as I can remember. Happy New Year!


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