Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

This year I’ve tried incredibly hard to get most of my shopping done early. And, for the most part, that’s been a success. However, I’ll inevitably leave the last few things I need  until the last minute because I am a prodigious procrastinator through and through.

So (as part of my procrastination, no doubt) I’ve compiled a list of quick and easy gifts you can get right at the last minute that never fail to please, but are a little more imaginative than a gift card.

1. Magazine Subscription

Who doesn’t love magazines? They’re the gift that keeps on giving! And guess what? They’re super easy to buy. Sign up your loved one online and then buy them the latest copy in-store to wrap up with a little note attached. Amazon even has subscriptions starting as low as $3!

2. Socks

Socks might seem pretty unexciting, but they have also popped up on my loved ones’ wish lists a lot. And I’ve never seen someone get a pair of socks they didn’t use. Even when I was in California! Tip: buy men’s socks for everyone. They’re bigger and cozier and generally less flashy. To play it safe stick to marled and striped variations.

3. Classic Scarf

Make it soft and oversized in a classic plaid or solid pattern. I said it in my other gift guide already, but this season gigantic scarves are everywhere. So when in doubt, go bigger.

4. PJ Set (Men’s/Women’s)

Classic menswear-inspired PJ sets with that contrast piping? They’re so timeless and often not something people think to indulge in for themselves. That, my friend, equates to the perfect gift! I’d stick to lightweight, quality fabrics so they can be worn year-round.

5. Netflix Subscription

Streaming or DVD delivery depending on how tech savvy your giftee is. They can also be used to extend or add-on to current subscriptions. And if someone you love doesn’t already have Netflix? My god, show them what they’re missing!


  1. Those are great and affordable ideas!

    Follow each other on GFC? please let me know. 

  2. That scarf is so preeeetty!

    and i love the idea of matching pajama sets for me and my husband!

  3. I love the magazine and netflix subscription ideas. I keep thinking I got all of my shopping done already, but I know something else that I haven't thought of is going to pop up!

  4. these are some great ideas, will consider them :)
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  5. such a cute idea


  6. You can tell I have not done my Christmas shopping yet, as I'm browsing blogs for ideas. Great collection here!

  7. Great ideas. Loving the tartan scarf.


  8. These are great specially because Netflix is the best thing that ever happened to me haha!
    Kat |

  9. love those comfy socks!


  10. I am a big fan of the cozy socks in my stocking!


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