Thursday, December 5, 2013


H&M Boucle Coat / Zara Faux Leather Sleeve T-Shirt (similar) / James Jeans Twiggy Jean in Colada / Sam Edelman Mariel Bootie / JustFab Hepburn Bag / Urban Outfitters Necklace / F21 Sunglasses

You know you’re back in New England when it hits anywhere around 45 and above and suddenly it seems warm again. The other day it did just that and I felt all rebellious only wearing two layers. Take that, December!

In other current affairs, it’s that wonderful time of year! No not the holidays, but finals!! Not that it personally affects me, but James has been burning the midnight oil studying and finishing up important papers and whatnot. Naturally I stand by my man by staying up until those ungodly hours of the morning with him. Not particularly helping or anything, just being awake in support (ie. watching NOVA episodes). He’s so lucky to have me.


  1. That coat! Those booties! I love this look Melina :) Good luck to James! xo

  2. It really is finals time! My husband is in school right now so we are not having a good time right now. BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Yay!

    I love those amazing booties - so fabulous!

  3. LOVE this look! The coat is so great and I love your boots too!
    Yep, weather is funny, it does feel warm when it gets to the mid-40s, funny how things change when you get used to the cold

  4. Haha, so true. and in the spring, the first day it's 50° you will want to wear shorts and act like it's summer or something.

    Love your booties. Do you not have the best bootie collection ever? Why I haven't I seen the glitter booties yet? WHERE ARE THEY?
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