Thursday, November 7, 2013

We’re All Mad Here

Today is wonderfully grey and rainy, the type of weather I moved back to New England for. Giant sock weather! Anyway, much to my delight, I was tagged by the lovely Julia of Writer’s Block Near You to list five weird things about myself. These little games are only my favorite things to read from bloggers (which is probably weird in and of itself) so obviously I’m jumping at the opportunity. After all, it’s hardly the type of day to change out of comfy clothes and talk about style.


1. Since we’re on the topic of comfy clothes, I actually really hate “comfy pants”. Yes, I’m wearing leggings up above, and those I can do if I remember that they’re a thing I own (which is rarely), but sweatpants or pajama pants? Nope, not comfy to me. I will wear jeans any day and don’t find the need to change out of them when I get home.

2. My arms hyperextend, which some people get really freaked out over if I’m leaning on them and lock my elbows. I have a few friends whose arms are like this too. However, my legs hyperextend as well, meaning when I lock my knees the line of my leg slightly bows backwards. It’s super sexy, but luckily not as prominent as my arms (I didn’t notice it until a camp counselor pointed it out to me in middle school and I was all ‘Oh thanks! Another flaw to add to my adolescent psyche!’).

3. I loved working in an office! I know, to some people the idea of an office job hovers just above that last realm of hell in Dante’s Inferno, but I actually really enjoy it. I’ve had a lot of friends who’ve either worked on sets, in classrooms, large animal vet clinics, etc, and their hours are always ridiculous and their work is physically exhausting on top of mentally exhausting. Knowing myself, I would burn out so fast in that type of environment. Plus I love the social aspects of an office, I need a social work environment. (Granted, it can be hell if the people you work with are truly miserable.)

4. I am loud. Like really, truly loud. And I never remember it. Yet anytime I ask James, “Was I talking loud back there?” His answer is always, “Yes. You’re always loud. Constantly loud.” But anytime I have to get the attention of a group of people or actually use my loud voice, I talk at a normal level. My friends get so bewildered by it. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m actually thinking about it? And maybe I think that I’m using a loud voice, but really it doesn’t hold a candle to my non-thinking-about-it voice? Who knows!

5. I eat popcorn with chopsticks. More specifically cheese popcorn (my one true love!). I don’t find this weird, but every damn person who has ever found out is always like, “That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life!” Of course, until I explain that I don’t like getting the cheese/butter on my fingers. Then they think it’s actually a good idea. But I suppose the fact that I eat enough cheese popcorn to have thought this all through is really what’s weird about it…

Alrighty, so what now that I have potentially freaked you all out, what’s weird about you?


Oh and I tag: Krysten, Lydia, Katie, Nikki and Ashley


  1. Eating popcorn with chop sticks? It's so very cultured. ;) haha I've never heard if anyone doing that.

    As to the loud thing. You are not alone! I get told many times A DAY that I'm loud. Especially my laugh. :p

    1. Yay, loud people unite! And I love loud laughs. I feel like a quiet laugh isn't even a laugh at all!

  2. Eating popcorn with chopsticks!? What a savvy idea! I always hated the residue left behind. I must try this!! I also really hate "comfy pants". I'd much rather stay in my jeans...which in my opinion are far more comfy! Great getting to know you more!!


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