Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Dark Side

sweater: Madewell (similar), leather vest: BB Dakota, jeans: TJMaxx, bag: JustFab Hepburn, boots: Forever 21 (similar), scarf: gift

It’s already been one of those days. I was awoken by cat claws digging into my side, which in a way was a good thing because James’s alarm didn’t go off. It was 45 minutes before his first class and guess how long it takes him to get to school… Yep, 45 minutes. So that was oh-so-fun for the both of us.

I’ve also spent far more time fiddling with these pictures than I deem necessary, so I’ll wrap things up and get on with my day! As a consolation, I’ll leave you with the song I’ve had on repeat for the past few weeks because who doesn’t need a music break on a Wednesday?


  1. I love your vest! Definitely adding it to my wishlist.

    1. Thank you! I love a good vest, they're such an easy way to add interest to an outfit!

  2. What a lovely fall look! I just love your boots and bag :)

  3. Melina, you look SO gorgeous. I absolutely adore this look on you!! And as always your photos are the prettiest! Oh no, hate those mornings when the alarm doesn't go off... always such a panicked start to the day! Happiest Friday, lovey!!

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