Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Windowpane Print Is The Best Print

leather sleeve blazer: Tinley Road (similar), windowpane pants: Joe Fresh Slim Print Pant, shoes: Converse,  graphic tee: Joe Fresh, bag: JustFab Hepburn, earrings: Forever 21, nail polish: China Glaze Innocence

Of the two prints I’ve seen crop up this fall, plaid and windowpane, I’m going to personally declare windowpane the winner. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good plaid, but I feel like it’s a little harder to wear year-round. Thus, windowpane would be the better investment with its versatility. I foresee these pants working just as perfectly in the spring as they will through the winter. Plaid, on the other hand, feels like a very seasonal pattern. I know fashion is breaking rules all over the place these days, but I just can’t see it ever being a go-to beyond the fall and winter seasons.

And that’s my two cents on that!

In other news, I feel a little like David Tennant here with my dressier pants and Converse. I would say it’s never a bad thing if you look like the 10th Doctor, whether you’re male or female. After all, he’s my favorite (she says, aware that most people are like, Really? Doctor Who references?? Loser!). Just don’t tell James. He’s basically the only person on the planet who doesn’t like Converse. And Converse with workwear or suits? You’ll never hear the end of it!


  1. I haven't started watching Dr. Who yet (it's next on my list), but my sister is OBSESSED with it and especially David Tennant. She says he's the *best*...and apparently he has mega style to boot. ;)

    1. Oh my gosh, if you can take the sort of wackiness of the series, it's the best! And yes, David Tennant tends to be a favorites... especially with the ladies. ;)

  2. I approve of window pane print, and converse, and dressing like the 10th (and best) doctor. I might have to have those pants for myself. How is their stretchynessy? Would you say they are good for sitting in literally all day?

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Oh, I am such a Converse fan! Have been since forever!! :) And those pants are everything.


  4. I love those pants, it's definitely a great print! :D And your jacket is great!


  5. Those pants are fantastic, and I love your shoes!

  6. Loving this trend, chic pants! the sneakers are also so cool!
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