Monday, October 28, 2013

Good Times {A Wall ‘o Text Type Of Post}


This past weekend I got  to travel to upstate New York to be in a wedding and see all my favorite college girls. After, I trekked back and then went to an insane Halloween party thrown by one of James’s friends. And then yesterday I basically collapsed on the couch and refused to move. It was a crazy, busy, fantastic [long] weekend.

Wednesday (yes, Wednesday!) I picked up one of my dearest friends from Brookline who had flown in from India. The day was so grey that as I approached Boston, the buildings seemingly melded into the sky. It made me ache to visit the city properly (as I’ve yet to do) because the grey-skied Boston was always my favorite. But I had people to see and places to be! We headed out to New York in a flurry of catching up and kale chips (god, those are amazing). Both of us were a little ill-prepared mentally for the cold weather that set in that night and stayed for the rest of our time there. Gigantic socks and big sweaters were a mainstay for us. Also: a warm hotel room that my friend insisted on springing for because she’s just the best type of friend to have around!

Our other friends trickled in (minus one who is literally on the road with the Red Sox right now) and it was finally the big wedding day. We ate so much intensely good food and danced practically until our legs gave out (my calves are still sore), all while catching up and laughing over old stories. It was really, truly so great to see these ladies again and always wonderful to hear that everyone’s happy to have me back on this coast! ;)

Saturday, I dropped my friend back off in Brookline and took the opportunity to drive down Beacon Street. First past Washington Square, then Coolidge Corner and finally up past Fenway before hopping onto Storrow Drive and heading north. If I wasn’t homesick for my city, now I really was. I think Brookline is my favorite place I’ve ever lived. And Brookline in the fall? Seriously forget about it. The buildings, the weather, the trees, the people – they’re all too beautiful, I can’t even handle it.

The Halloween party was pretty much a blur because I spent most of it struggling to stay awake and the rest of it explaining who Captain Planet and the Planeteers were to people too young or old to know (group costume fun!).

I’m still sort of recovering from it all, but it was definitely a much needed weekend. As it was winding down, I finally got around to replying to emails and texts from my friends from home wondering where I was and inviting me to various gatherings. It’s a little startling to me because I’m not the cool kid who always has things to do, but recently every single one of our weekends has been pretty packed. The realization kind of reaffirmed our decision to move back to New England. So many of the people I love are here and it’s been really weird and awesome to get to see them all the time.

It’s definitely been a hard transition for us; James going back to school, me looking for work, both of us living with my parents. I’m really grateful for it all, but there are certainly days when I wonder if it was the right move. However, looking back on this crazy weekend and hearing how good it was for all of us to hang out again and knowing that I’ll be able to see even more people next weekend makes me really, really happy.

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