Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicago: The Final Stop

Okay, so technically we spent a night in Buffalo, but since we got there after dark and left with the sunrise, I’m counting Chicago as our last official stop. We spent two nights in the city and it was such a blast after being in the wilderness for almost two weeks. It’s nice to commune with nature, but I’m the type of person who really enjoys large quantities of civilization (life in New England will be interesting…).

Our first stop was of course Wrigley Field because we love us some baseball and I really wanted to see how it compared to the other stadiums I’ve been to (Fenway, Dodger’s, Anaheim… I’d say tied for second. I’m a Boston gal after all!).

We got there insanely early because I’m crazy and factor in waaaay too much time for things like this. So I spent some time taking pictures of James much to his delight. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the Chicago-style hot dogs we ate, but man those things were amazing! Anyway, we ventured back to our hotel rather early because we were pretty exhausted, but please take a look at our view.

James did good. Bonus points for the fireworks we could see from our window that night!

The next day started in a momentous way…

{Do you hear the choirs of angels singing?}

Our first Dunkin Donuts! Which wasn’t that exciting for James because he’s a heathen who doesn’t drink coffee, but I was beyond happy to be back in DD-land… if you couldn’t tell from the picture above.

After sufficiently caffeinating ourselves, we set out to see as much of the city as we could… on foot… with the energy of two people who’d been on the road for way too long. But hey, I think we did pretty good given the circumstances!

Another perk of being back in a city was how damn good the food tastes when you’ve been eating road trip-style for the past couple weeks. For lunch we Yelped something quick and relatively cheap and we really lucked out.

I have to try and recreate that panini. It had a tasty red pepper spread on it that they sold, but it was something like $12 for a tiny little jar. A little too spendy for me, but now I’m thinking it may have been worth it…

Our next stop was the Field Museum. It was the first natural history-type museum James and I have been to together and we were just like little kids. I really think we need to do some more museum trips in the future because we could have spent many more hours there.

As the sun started to set we headed over to the Cloud Gate, which if you’re like me you know as the Chicago silver bean thingy. Obviously we took a million pictures. And probably picked up a million more germs. There’s something about seeing all those handprints on it that make you hyper aware of all the potential sicknesses you could be picking up. I’d hate to be a germaphobe around it, that’s for sure. But it is cool! Lest you think we didn’t think so. ;)

Over all, I really loved our time in Chicago. At this point we had pretty much stopped planning and just went with the flow. That relaxed approach was necessary after being on a schedule for so long. And I realize I’ve said “Over all, I really loved…” at the end of pretty much every road trip post, but I guess that’s just because I truly had a great time. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to take a vacation like this and I’m really thankful for James for planning it all out. I guess that one’s a keeper! I’ll leave you with some final pictures he took.


  1. Ooh, that looks and sounds like so much fun! I have never been to Chicago, not sure I'll ever get there, but we'll see, ha ha

    1. It's definitely a destination given where it is in the country, but it's worth it if you ever get the chance!

  2. Even though I am not originally from Chicago, but since moving here two and a half years ago I have only fallen in more and more love with this city. I am glad, you had an amazing time! Beautiful pictures. :)

    - Sukhi

    1. It's a beautiful city, you're lucky to live in it! :)


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