Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crater Lake

As we drove up through Oregon into Crater Lake National Park, gloomy clouds accumulated overhead giving way to rain here and there and the most gorgeous perspective through which to view the park. Because we had left Lassen early and arrived ahead of schedule, we were able to quickly set up camp and then head up to the main attraction.

I tell you what, that first day with the drizzly weather was my favorite. You’ll be able to see the difference in the photos, but they fail to capture the grandeur of the lake and how the darker weather added a whole new sense of depth to what we were seeing. My imagination tends to get the best of me, but I felt like I was in a Brontë sister novel… only less death among the moors.

{The view when you turn around from the lake, it basically looked like a painting in the rain.}

The clouds began to part just as we headed back toward camp. Crater Lake actually has a true-blue restaurant on the premise, which we happily tried out because camp/road trip food is tiring even after only a couple days. James really loved his hamburger, for the record… like best on the trip.

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The next morning we headed out early so we could hike down one of the few (the only?) trails that allows you to get right to the water’s edge. It was crystal clear and freeeezing. Even though the sun was beating down, James was the only one brave enough to hop in. Well, him and the German couple who braved the water totally au naturale. How very European of them! (I knew they were German after they kept repeating my group of friends’ favorite German expletive once they hit that ice water. Scheiße!)

{Crater Lake is known for its incredibly clear water, which James said was really bizarre to experience when swimming.}

{We both have our dramatic-look-off-camera poses down.}

{His face in the second photo kills me every time!}

It’s funny to look back at these pictures because the first night at Crater Lake was where James and I had our one obligatory giant road trip argument (hello, stuck in the car with one other person for 17 days… we’re lucky it was just one!). However, those first set of photos are actually some of my favorite from the trip altogether. In hindsight, once the dust settled, I think it was one of the more memorable stops and definitely quite impressive.

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  1. These pictures are STUNNING Melina. And that water is so clear, holy wow.


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