Thursday, September 26, 2013

Canadian Tuxedo… Or is it?

jeans: Forever 21, cardigan: Target (similar), denim shirt: Forever 21 (similar), boots: Shoemint (similar), hat: Forever 21, belt: J. Crew (similar)

Oh, but I realize some may frown upon the Canadian Tuxedo in all its denim glory. Others still might embrace it with the stipulation that it is only acceptable when the top and bottom are of different washes. But then there are the few who proudly sport it in its true, original splendor: indigo denim on indigo denim. And quite frankly, I think that’s pretty damn American. I mean come on, Canada’s already got the healthcare and general happiness among its people, I say we take back that beacon of blue and make it ours again!


Whatever, Jay Leno knows what I’m talking about.


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