Monday, August 26, 2013

San Francisco: Heart Stealer

The first day of our road trip, unsurprisingly, saw us heading out later than we expected. Though we had previously packed/emptied our apartment in record time and spent the night before with friends, one thing led to another and we weren’t on the road until almost noon. So we didn’t get into the city until close to 6:00. Thus, there aren’t a ton of San Francisco pictures… Trust me, the drive from Los Angeles (if you aren’t taking the scenic Route 1) could not be more boring. North Dakota ain’t got nothing on that sad, lifeless stretch of the I-5.

However, we fully took advantage of the fact that we were still in a city and could grab dinner at almost any time in the evening without having to worry about everything closing at nine. (Little did we realize, this would be the last time in awhile that this would be possible.) James and I happily walked those iconic hills without much of a plan, knowing we’d come across a restaurant that would hit the spot.

This trip we stayed in the Nob Hill/Russian Hill area and I could not suggest is more highly. Good food, good views and plenty to see within walking distance.

San Francisco is our kind of city. I loved every second of our piddly, little two visits there. I loved the food, I loved the buildings, I loved the people who ran by us up those hills like Olympic-caliber athletes. It’s too bad we had such few opportunities to visit and honestly, if it were on the east coast (nearer to family!), I would live there in a heartbeat. Not to mention, it had the coldest weather we encountered on the trip. Constant sweater weather: the surefire way to win our hearts!

Also, even when you  make a wrong turn and wind up climbing what you swear is the steepest hill there ever was in maybe not the most ideal walking shoes, the city apologizes and gives you a view like this.

Oh city by the bay, you’re definitely worth a trip back to California!

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  1. oh man...these pictures make me miss san fran so much! i used to visit my aunt who lived there when i was younger. now i'm gonna be convincing my husband we need to take a trip there!


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