Thursday, August 29, 2013

Interlude: A Farewell to California

As I mentioned in the Lassen post, we wound up leaving the park earlier than expected on our third day. Laying before us was the last stretch of road we’d travel in the state that we had called home for four years. James was a bit bummed that we couldn’t do the hike we had originally planned and overall it seemed like our California exodus would go off without much fanfare.

That is until we realized we’d be driving right by Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is unique because its over 14,000 foot peak stands out completely alone, with no surrounding foothills. I had vaguely remembered James and our old roommate mention it in passing, but I hadn’t realized just how impressive it is to see a mountain rise up out of seemingly no where.

We stopped off in the town of Mount Shasta, poking around the adorable little shops and grabbing lunch. It was a really neat little place to stop in real quick, so if you’re ever in the area and looking for a unique pit stop check it out.

As we hit the road again, it finally truly dawned on me that these were our last moments in California. Aside from a very weird and tiny jaunt into Nevada one ridiculous night (a story for a later time), I had never driven out of the state and as ridiculous as it may sound, crossing the boarder felt like the final step into our new life.

Which, yeah, that sounds over-dramatic, but anyway…

I frantically snapped some pictures to document this momentous occasion as we drove through the final Californian town before hitting the state line. As many of them had been on the trip, this town was teeny, tiny with likely more cows than people. A far cry from the vast metropolis that had represented our time there, but it still felt like we were leaving our home nonetheless.

{Our final look back as we  headed out! Cue melodramatic music.}

I’m more than excited about our move back east and the new directions both James and I are headed in, but I’ve complained about California so many times on this here blog that I felt it was necessary to write a little farewell to the state. We both have many, many fond memories of it and, of course, we met there, so obviously it was a huge part of our lives! It never was all that bad and in many ways, it was really amazing. I just oftentimes wished we could have folded up the country a little so California was a bit closer to our families. But I suppose that would cut out most of the states in the country…

Regardless, thank you kindly for the memories, California!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Hello, Oregon!!

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  1. congrats on the move! and welcome back to the better coast ;)


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