Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I slept right through my alarm this morning. Perhaps it had something to do with staying up past my normal bedtime, incessantly refreshing my twitter feed in order to figure out whether or not SB5 had passed. Or maybe it was my brewing pessimism over the leanings of this current Supreme Court. There was also a healthy dose of anxiety over all the little things we’ve yet to do for the move.

Regardless, the alarm went off and I in no way registered it.

Luckily at approximately 3 minutes before I’d be completely beyond late, my boss texted me simply stating: ‘DOMA struck down. Prop 8 struck down on standing issue.’

If there were a better way to wake up today, I don’t know it. Especially when you consider that about 30 seconds later I learned the Texas bill hadn’t passed. The strong pessimistic feelings I fell asleep with were immediately replaced with relief. Relief that, though there is still much to do, a tiny step forward had been made. And you know what? I feel like I really needed a little reminder that there can be progress. A little flicker of hope to remind us that our voices can be heard.

Obviously this is a trivial, little blog that’s mostly personal style and day-to-day musings, but there’s no way I couldn’t talk about this. It seems that a lot of people in my generation don’t think having a voice matters or that the actions of one person can make a difference. And, yes, you can say that gay marriage is still illegal in a vast majority of the states and that there’s already another special session being called for in Texas. There’s still so much to do. However, it’s that glimmer of hope, a whisper of change (if you wish to get melodramatic about it) that makes me feel reinvigorated. It reminds me why I loved all my government classes and why my boss and I discuss politics (he’s the coolest because obviously that’s super taboo in some places) day in and day out even though it usually makes us feel so upset and useless – the more people know and the more they’re involved, the quicker there can be change.

If you’re looking for a really fantastic read, I highly recommend heading over to the blog Writes Like A Girl (umm, everybody go home, best blog name ever!). Nicole was at the Texas State Capitol last night and recounts her amazing experience. The entire story of what happened in Austin is incredibly moving and to hear a first person account makes me a little weepy-eyed. Just go read it and tell her she’s awesome and get fired up.

Because really I guess that’s what I’m trying to say, get fired up. Our government isn’t broken, it just needs motivated participants.


  1. i spent the entire day (after waking up at 1:45 pm...oops!) watching news coverage from the capitol last night. i actually woke up and received a message from my boyfriend about sleeping through DOMA being deemed unconstitutional. i had a moment where i was about to tweet "is it safe to take a shower yet?" and then saw that the second special session had been officially called for july 1st. i've been so wrapped up in the media today. however, something about your post is making me cry. the news stations didn't seem to get the emotional toll all of this has had on the people involved, and even the people watching from around the world. thanks for motivating people to get fired up in whatever way they need to to push progress along.

    also, it's awesome that your boss texted you the news. love that!

    xo nicole

    1. Seriously, you've been such an inspiration so it means so much that anything I was able to write resonated with you! In just the past 24 hours it's become incredibly clear that this is just the beginning of the 'fight', but it sure was nice to have a 'good day' for once!


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