Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7 Essential Summer Accessories

It’s not even technically summer yet, but let’s be serious – it’s always summer in California!  And in the four years I’ve lived here I’ve discovered that summer style is all about the accent pieces.  You can’t really add too much interest to an outfit when the temperature is hovering around 100 and all clothing seems like a bad idea.  So I decided to share with you today the essential pieces I reach for again and again when the heat comes rolling in.

1. DIY Cut-Offs

There’s probably nothing more quintessentially SoCal-summer than the cut-off short.  Sure, these days plenty of stores sell them, but to get that really authentic look you’re going to have to thrift some jeans in one size up from your normal size and cut them yourself.

2. Metallic Flats

I found these amazing flats at Forever 21 shortly after the new year and I really wish I had bought a second pair because I wear them all the time. Without fail, they go with every single outfit I’ve tried them will.  They also add an element of interest when temperatures are far too hot to wear anything other than a dress or tank top/shorts combo.

3. Hoop Earrings

When all else fails and I’m wearing the simplest of outfits, I always reach for a pair of hoops and feel instantly a little more pulled together.  I actually keep a pair in my purse, just so I can throw them on when I feel a little under-dressed.  It might sound silly, but a pair of statement earrings really elevates an outfit in the easiest, laziest way!

4. White Sneakers

I had a pair of white slip-on canvas flats for years that I finally had to throw away because I wore them to their death.  There’s something just so fresh about a pair of white sneakers, especially when paired with flouncy, girly dresses/skirts.  Classic Chuck Taylors are always a safe bet for a boyish and comfy addition to your summer looks.

5. Interesting Bangles

Yet again, an easy way to add a bit of flair to your look even if you’re just in a tee and jeans.  In the summer I love chunkier styles in bright colors and small bangles with geometric details.  The pairing of the two always looks chic.

6. Lightweight Scarf

A gauzy, brightly colored scarf is another way to add an element of interest to your summer outfit.  It can also double as a belt or even be used to hold back crazy humid summer hair.  A multi-functional accent piece!  Though admittedly, on really hot, soupy days the idea of adding a scarf to your outfit is probably a little silly.

7. Colored Sunglasses

I used to be a one sunglasses kind of gal.  I’d buy a pair and wear them until somebody inevitably sat on them (you’d think I would have learned not to throw them on my passenger seat, but no…).  However, after moving to the land of sunshine with a sensitive-blue-eyed boyfriend, I learned to take advantage of the wealth of options available to me.  Though one might argue that black or tortoise shell styles are more essential, I personally love a nice peach, white or lighter colored frame.  I think it’s because colors stand out better against brown hair.  Not to mention they’re also a great way to make a statement and assert your personal style.

So there you have it, my 7 go-to pieces when I want to feel stylish on those blistering hot days!  I’ve by no means mastered the art of summer style, so is there anything you’d add to the list?  I’d love to hear it!


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