Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Internet Is For [Cat] Lovers

Little kittens everywhere! That’s pretty much what’s going on in our place currently. The foster kittens have reached the stage where they’re really playful and super effing cute. So basically I’m going to inundate you with kitten pictures because this is the internet after all and if you don’t like cats then you probably shouldn’t be using it.

James had firmly decided he wasn’t going to bond with these kittens because we’re going to have to give them away and apparently ignoring their adorableness would be easier? Obviously the kittens foiled that brilliant plan by making him their very own cat hotel last night.

This one. Sleeping on her  back in the crook of his arm. We’re talking critical levels of adorable overload right there.



Should you happen to know of a good home in the greater-Los Angeles area for any of these little rascals, get in contact with me!


  1. OH MY GOOOOSH. That last picture melts me. I'm going to be showing this to my husband every five minutes to convince him we need one.

  2. I had to run and show these pictures to my boyfriend because he loves cats, specifically black cats. He refuses to have any other type. These are too adorable!


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