Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spend or Save: Workout Wear

Today’s writing prompt is to give a piece of advice. I’m at the age where I’ve realized I really need to workout more consistently. Like many people, this is hard for me. There’s nothing I loathe more than a ‘workout’. Over the years I’ve learned that I’m much more likely to be active if I’m outside playing some sort of sport or going hiking or something along those lines. A runner I am not… I’ve literally hated every. single. second. of running.

However, I’m not here to advise you on the perfect workout plan, but rather the best part of exercising: workout wear! Sadly, new gym clothes totally motivate me to get out and be active. Also I figured, since I work with this stuff, I can give you a little bit of what I’ve learned to invest in and what you can get on the cheap. The good news? Most of it you can get on the cheap!

Save on:

Tops. I just get plain old t-shirts. Even when I’m really working out, I don’t sweat too, too much, so cotton content (and therefore, lack of moisture-wicking) isn’t a huge concern for me. My hands-down favorite tees and tanks are actually from Forever 21.


The V-Neck Tee. Size up one or two sizes for the perfect slouch and this top is great for pretty much any occasion. I wear mine all the time and they’re especially nice for low- to moderate-intensity workouts. (If you’re going to be sweating all over the place, then you probably should get something moisture-wicking though).


The Relaxed Fit Racerback Tank. Ugh, this tank is perfect. Just the right amount of slouch and, once again, multi-purpose. Not to mention, both tops are $5.80, so they’re incredible values!

Okay, here’s what might surprise you. My favorite sports bra is from…


Old Navy.

Yep, that’s right. Here’s my reasoning: unless you’re willing to invest in some sort of military-grade technology in a sports bra, if you’re big busted you’re kind of out of luck. I have to double up if I’m doing really high-impact activity, but otherwise I really like these Adjustable-Strap Sports Bras. Now with sports bras band size is really more important than cup size. If you’re say a D and buy a size Large, but  you’re also a 32/34, you won’t get enough support. With sports bras I tend to buy a size Small for the compression factor. This specific bra is nice because the straps are adjustable, which is a feature I often need but tend to not see as much in sports bras.

So then what would I spend on?

-Sneakers: Every activity you do will be miserable if your feet aren’t properly supported. It’s that simple. The big brands all have outlet stores, so I suggest shopping there if you’re looking for a deal (that’s where I got mine).

-Leggings: Hear me out, I would have never dreamed of paying over $10 for a pair of leggings. But then all the pairs I owned wore out or wound up fitting quite poorly. I bought a couple from work and I’ve forever changed my mind on the subject.

For instance, these Under Armour leggings are amazingly warm, so comfortable and fit perfectly! A great option for the fall/winter.

The best leggings though? Okay, it’s going to be a bit of sticker shock, but these Beyond Yoga leggings are ridiculous. They are thicker than normal leggings (but breathable), feature a waistband that prevents them from sliding down and they hold their shape forever. Yes, they’re expensive, but you’ll literally never buy another pair of leggings again. My co-worker has had hers for over five years and they still fit like a new pair. No baggy knees or butt. Trust.

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  1. where do you work?? my favorite sports bra are from aerie. i want 10, in every color. they are so comfy and cute. i'm actually planning to invest on a nice pair of running shoes in a few months. hopefully the cost/cuteness will motivate me to use them!

    xo nicole


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