Saturday, May 4, 2013

Like a Cat in a Heat Wave


That’s the topic of the day and it’s quite fitting! This is Nomar looking about as uncomfortable as I feel because it was very close to 100 degrees today and good lord am I awful with extremes in temperatures. I can’t deal with really hot weather because my hands get all clammy and then when it’s cold I seem to lose all circulation to my extremities. So basically there’s a very minimal zone of comfort for me, temperature wise.

I am such a catch, James is so lucky!

I know that’s a literal take on the term ‘uncomfortable’, however it’s still pretty hot because I refuse to turn on the A/C when it’s only May… so it’s really all that’s on my mind! Though I shouldn’t complain because at least I don’t have fur. Poor California kitties.

**Oh also, un-vacuumed carpets during a heat wave make me uncomfortable. You can bet your ass I vacuumed immediately after taking this picture!

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