Thursday, May 2, 2013

2 Easy Things That Will Make You Feel Accomplished

In all honesty, today’s prompt was incredibly hard for me. I consider myself a dabbler and proficient in lots of things, but not really an expert on anything. Well other than being incredibly loud for such a short girl, but I’m afraid that’s just a god-given talent.

So instead I’m cheating a little and just writing about something that’s been on my mind recently. Honestly, the internet is completely full of how-to’s… ever heard of a little thing called Pinterest? Go there if you’re looking for great insight… this is not it.

Two Easy Things That Will Make You Feel Accomplished

1. Color-Coordination Organization.

photo 2 (2)

Do you have a giant shoe collection? Or perhaps a ridiculous amount of nail polish? If you do, then we should probably be friends. You should also spend like 15 minutes and color-coordinate them. I know, I know, I’m like the least organized person ever too, but for some reason I can manage to keep these two things in tonal order and it always makes me feel sooo good about life (it’s the little things). Clothes though? Let’s not even go there…

photo 1photo 2

Yep, I totally need seven shades of burgundy nail polish. That’s totally necessary.

Also, organizing your nail polish in a spice rack that didn’t work out in your kitchen is another way to feel super organized! People will be so impressed with your organization, but really it was just something you had lying around anyway. I got mine here.

2. When in Doubt, Spray Paint it Gold.

photo 3

As per usual, I’m late to the game here, but spray painting random crap gold is amazing! I have a feeling it’s a new obsession of mine that James will get sick of real quick! Yet, how can I care when there are so many things in so many thrift stores that need to be painted gold? Also, spray painting is pretty much the most fun ever.

photo 1 (2)

An added bonus is it’s a pretty cheap obsession. This antelope thingy was maybe $5 at the Goodwill (and if you don’t live in LA or NYC, things like this are probably a dollar) and the gold spray paint was around $7 at Michaels, which is a store that’s super-overpriced in these parts, but there’s almost always a 40%-50% off one item coupon you can print out. BOOM. $3.50. And according to a quick “best gold spray paint”-Googling, this particular brand has the best looking color/coverage. So there you go. Cheap, chemical fun for the whole family!

Yep, day 2 and I’ve already half-assed my way through the ‘assignment’!


Do you have any incredibly easy things you could add to this list? They pretty much have to take under 15-minutes or my Aries brain moves onto the next thing. Spill!


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