Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things Making me Happy + 1 Apology


10 things that are currently making me happy:

1. That photo of James and I that I randomly found in my folders.

2. Parks & Rec. I just started streaming it and it definitely makes me happy.

3. Peanut M&Ms.

4. A beautiful day that only hit 80 degrees. Goodbye for now 100+, please don’t come back.

5. The power of Advil. Ohhh, how miserable I’d be without you!

6. This picture from the last time we went to Joshua Tree. That beard is gone, but will live forever in infamy.

7. Ice cream sandwiches at work!

8. Conversations with friends about cheese. Odes to cheese, really.

9. The perfect Gap v-neck I got at an outlet like 7 years ago that’s still amazing.

10. The fact that we’re currently fostering 3 kittens (like baaaaby kittens) from a litter our friends found under their porch.


An apology:

Dearest Troy & Nomar,

I’m so sorry there are three foreign kittens up in your turf currently. Don’t worry though because their cuteness doesn’t even come close to the glory that was your kittenhood. See that picture up there? I doubt even my first born can approach that level of adorable. So no, you don’t have to worry about them staying forever! Just until they’re old enough to find their own homes.

Plus I know you’ll be nice… right, Nomar? Right??



Yes, I’m killing two birds with one stone & making up for missing yesterday by combining the two topics!


  1. I have to agree with Peanut M&Ms and Ice cream sandwiches....delicious!


  2. Parks and Rec is the best!


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