Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have been easily frazzled in the week since we signed the lease to our new place.  I could really use a relaxing Saturday morning with coffee and a stack of magazines, but that will have to wait until sometime in April…

Thinking about what needs to be done is a little daunting.  Car registrations are up, taxes need to be filed, my brother and father are coming to visit, apparently a trip to Joshua Tree is necessary for our roommate who never went (one I will probably have to sit out because holy shit the amount of things that need to  be done!), intense amounts of deep cleaning have to happen so the least pleasant building manager that ever lived can walk through and tell us all the things we MUST change if we want to see a penny of our safety deposit… and of course we have to pack up three-and-a-half years of stuff.

Okay, so all of the other stuff isn’t really that bad, but good lord, I hate packing just for vacation.  So clearly this is my nightmare and I will probably wind up throwing a ton of things out.  An extreme minimalist lifestyle has never looked so enticing.  After all, this isn’t a huge place!  How is there so much in it??  Where did it all come from?

I’ll just be sitting over here, curled up in a ball and procrastinating because that’s the best way to deal with the prospect of moving, right?


  1. i'm in the moving process too so i feel your pain.
    in my case, the furthest thing i've done about the moving is pack my books and cloths. plus a few circumstances that make me can't give my full forces to commit to the moving. that is all. and i'm already so tired about not having my own space thing. i hope your moving process won't be too much pain like mine

  2. i despise moving, too, and all the things that come with it. i hope it goes as quick as possible so you can be done with it. good luck!

  3. Ugh I HATE movie. We just moved upstairs from downstairs and THAT was awful. Good luck lady!


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