Monday, March 18, 2013

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{Just further proof that Humphrey Bogart was the biggest baller there ever was}

Well hello there!  Fancy meeting you here.  What have I been up to, you ask?  Ohh just a whole lot of stuff. It’s  been non-stop over here since… well a couple weeks now, if I’m going to be honest.  But more specifically, since Friday.  My father and brother came into town and we crammed a whole lot of Los Angeles sightseeing into just a couple days.  It was lots of fun, but left me a little exhausted.  I can only imagine how tired they must be, having gotten on a flight super early today only to return back east and be greeted by another snowstorm!

I have to say, it’s kind of nice playing host to tourists in town (which doesn’t happen often for James and me).  Even when you live in a big city, you tend to get stuck in your routines and you can absolutely find yourself thinking, God this town is boring.  It’s great to have someone come visit and get all excited about something like the Hollywood sign or the Warner Bros tower to remind you that, oh yeah!  You live in a place that people actually get excited about visiting.  And also that, oh yeah!  There’s a metric ton of shit you have yet to do in this expansive metropolis.  Maybe you should get on that and not ever complain about being bored again!

So to combat the ruts we tend to get into, this weekend has inspired me to come up with some goals for the upcoming months:

1. Get out on our bikes and thoroughly explore our new area once we move (it’s sad that after 3.5 years we haven’t even explored all of our current little section).

2. Start hiking again!  (We hiked in Malibu this weekend and I forgot how many awesome trails are in the LA area.)

3. Explore Downtown!!  (Seriously… I hadn’t been over there since 2008…..)

4. Do the touristy things you’ve yet to get around to. (I had never been to the La Brea tar pits and that was fascinating.  There’s still lots of places like that to explore).

5. We also just need to be  better at inviting over/planning things to do with friends.  It’s kind of amazing how much time can easily pass when you’re all working crazy schedules.


Humphrey Bogart’s handprints at the Grauman Theatre really have nothing to do with this, but I literally always forget about his message to Sid (the guy who started all the hand/footprints) and it never ceases to make me laugh.

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