Thursday, March 28, 2013


It’s that time of year again, when all the cool kids go to all the music festivals and dress all boho and make the rest of us all wistful… sitting at our computers, sometimes happily because the cool kids are in 112 degree heat and we, blessedly, are not.  Anyway, in honor of the season I made a list of style items I am currently loving.  I think I’m leaning toward simplicity because I’m in the midst of moving chaos and it’s all my brain can handle, but let’s pretend it’s  because festival-going means keeping it streamlined!

1.  The field jacket.  Effortlessly cool, looks great against desert scenery and obviously can keep you warm when the temperatures plummet from sweltering hellbox to nighttime bone-chilling cold. {Forever 21, $32.80}

2.  The V-neck tee.  Get it a little slouchy so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard and also because fabric clinging to your skin in the heat and the crowd will make you hate your life. {Old Navy, $8.50}

3.  The statement necklace.  Bonus points if it jingles while you sway to the music in your drug-induced haze. {Zara, $29.90}

4.  Cut-offs.  If you want to come across more polished, but still effortless (festival gold!) go for a longer inseam, yet in a size or two bigger. {J. Crew Factory, $34.50}

5.  Bangles.  Let’s leave wrist-breaking “arm parties” behind and just keep it to a couple with hipster-approved engravings. {Forever 21, $5.80}

6.  Patterned kicks.  If you’re going to be on your feet for hours and hours, don’t be stupid, just wear some cool sneakers.  And for the love of god, not those wedge ones. {Forever 21, $28.80} [Note: I own these and they’re the shit]

7.  Turquoise ring.  You’re in the desert, you owe it to the desert to wear something turquoise. {Madewell, $22.50}

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  1. I'm not really a sneakers person, but those printed kicks are just so cool.
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