Monday, February 4, 2013

those hollywood hills

Saturday was a pleasantly overcast day here in Los Angeles and James and I took advantage of it by driving into Hollywood.  There’s a chance we may be in the market for a new apartment, so we decided to check out my favorite spot in the city: the Beachwood Canyon/Lake Hollywood area… Which we could never afford in a thousand years, but it’s fun to pretend sometimes!

One thing I really love about this area is that almost every house features a completely unique design from the one next to it.  It’s like all the best architecture in one little compact, unbelievably expensive area.  No McMansions here!  It’s also incredibly quiet.  I swear, every single time I go up there I say to James, “It feels like we’re in some little quaint European town!”  Ohh, how he humors me!

Is it weird that I always forget about the Hollywood sign?  I’ll be driving around and suddenly get a glimpse of it and be all “Oh yeah!  That’s a thing here!”  It’s a strange mix between feeling like a tourist and feeling like it’s kind of useless.  Not that I think I’m alone in that sentiment…

We also did a little walking around in Hollywood.  Which I still wholeheartedly endorse skipping should you ever find yourself touring this neck of the woods.

Then we went to Glendale, which I didn’t take any pictures of because it was actually a more realistic area for us explore for future apartment purposes.  That is until we were driving along up in the hills of that area and James suddenly slammed on the breaks and pulled a U-turn.  What caused such a dramatic turnaround?

Oh nothing, just a slightly slanted tree sitting precariously there being all phallic-like.  I mean, it’s pretty glorious, but if I were that homeowner I’d be a little bit worried that the Santa Ana winds would take that bad boy right down…


  1. The color on these photos are beautiful! We get the Santa Ana winds where we live too... i lost a fence 2 weeks ago -___-
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

    1. Oh no, that's terrible! We haven't gotten them too strong recently, but they were pretty scary back in 2009 when we had some pretty big wild fires going on!

  2. these photos are gorgeous! and that tree is cray--i am so worried for those homeowners!

    1. Thanks, girl! And I know, right? I wanted to knock on their door and be like, "You know there's a giant tree about to crush your house, right?"

  3. Seems like you had a great trip!

  4. Great photos! That tree made me go like this \Oo\. LOL! So glad I found your blog today. It's really cute.

    Nestled in Nostalgia


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