Thursday, February 21, 2013

that special time of year

It’s Wednesday, and if ever there is a day of the week to daydream about vacations, today is the day.  Especially since it’s February and we still have that brute of a month I happen to call my birth month to get through before we even start thinking about days off.  I must ask, how do people survive March without rioting when they don’t have birthdays to pull them through?  Though I suppose that agony makes spring all the better.

Of course if we’re really going to think about the next three-day-weekend… it’s probably Memorial Day, right?  And good lord that’s in May!  So let’s not think about that.  Besides, I’m sure there are all sorts of holidays (like this week’s President’s Day) that many of you actually do get off.

It’s around this time of year that I realize I need to get back out into nature.  Something about the wintertime always makes me horribly lazy and I tend to forget that I live in a place that is almost ridiculously accessible to trails and grand landscapes and varying climates.  Besides, you have to leave the city in order to appreciate it, that’s just how cities go.  They’ll drain you of your life-force if you don’t get out now and then.

So as it sinks in that what I really need is a little less smog and a little more sky, naturally I begin to crave the desert.  Joshua Tree or Death Valley: we need to tackle at least one of the two before March is through (my roommate’s never been to either… can you even imagine?!).  I have so much left to explore of the Sierras, but regardless of where we go, I’m always pulled toward the desert.  There’s something about going out into it that centers me (I know, I know, guys); maybe it’s the calmness of a place where only the toughest of things can survive.  I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve ever met out here would disagree with me, but in my mind there is no more beautiful part of this state.  Perhaps I think that because it’s the most foreign to my New England familiarity, but whatever the reason, I’ve romanticized it so wholeheartedly that whenever I do get around to moving back to my homebase I’ll truly be devastated that those dry landscapes, brilliant sunsets and funny trees are so far away.

By stating it here, hopefully it will motivate me to plan out a trip.  March is most likely going to be just as busy as the past few months, probably even more so!  However, I think we need to devise something to get us out of our routine, if only for a day or two.


I hope this doesn’t sound moody!  It’s not.  I’ve just been ex-haus-ted this week and I think it has a lot to do with being stuck in the same routine since we returned from Christmas.  We must switch things up!


  1. oh man, lately all these days, all i can think about are a vacation. i can almost hear the water lapping on the beach, feel the warm sun on my skin, taste the margarita. sigh. it's bad. so yes - please go. take your long weekends and enjoy the desert. for all of us.

  2. EVERYONE I know is going on vacation so I'm am CRAVING one. Izzy and I are using our tax returns to plan a cruise but it won't be till next year. I want a vacation NOW (insert foot stomping here).


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