Wednesday, February 6, 2013

midweek blahs

Today was one of those days that I will be happy to just pass on by.  When you have to spend the majority of it reminding yourself that it is, in fact, Wednesday and not Thursday, you’re really not off to a great start.  There’s no clear sign as to why I’m in a mood – one I can’t even properly identify – but nevertheless the mood is here to stay until I can sleep it off or completely overhaul my innate need to wallow in any and all emotions I ever have.

Though, in a valiant effort to turn things around in the final hours of the night, I have embarked on a culinary journey toward this delicious destination. I must admit, I have high hopes because in my book, there isn’t much that cheese and carbs and their glorious, heavenly pairing can’t cure.  I’ve already been snacking on pita chips (semi-healthy!) and leftover Super Bowl con queso cheese dip (heart attack!) and just that alone has lifted a bit of this Wednesday haze.

Really, maybe my whole mood was the result of being separated from what is apparently my one true love.  That would be cheese, if you’re keeping up with this stream-of-consciousness.  Sorry, James, but when have I ever written such a soliloquy in your honor?

But I will share my mac and cheese with you!  So there’s that?




Yep, so we made it six days into February and I’ve already resorted to rambling about cheese…


  1. if cheese can't make you feel better, try chocolate. if that doesn't work, it's a lost cause.

    glad i'm not the only girl who goes binge cheese shopping when in a bad mood. it's like way more expensive than candy though. got some Gorgonzola the other day that set me back $10. crazy.
    Chic on the Cheap


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