Tuesday, February 5, 2013

metallic jeans

blazer: Forever 21 (similar), metallic jeans: Rich & Skinny, boots: Topshop (via Ebay), t-shirt: Aeropostale, clutch: Lauren Merkin (similar), elephant necklace: Etsy, letter necklace: Etsy

I’m pretty sure I’ve been wearing jeans, jeans and more jeans pretty much since Christmas. Luckily colors, patterns and textures are all the rage right now because I cannot for the life of me be bothered to put on a skirt or dress.  Does anybody else get like this in winter?  I’m thinking it’s directly correlated with the fact that winter = good excuse to procrastinate on leg shaving.  Seriously, I mean, who can be bothered??

With that said, I need to get out of my winter comfort zone and try to spice things up a little.  Jeans are my crutch on those ultra-rushed mornings (okay, okay every morning).  I think I need to get reacquainted with my tight collection… and my razor.


  1. i'm feeling totally opposite! jeans are just too much work to wear right now, so i want all things tights and dresses. i feel like i'm wearing PJs to work, but i look perfectly presentable. thanks spandex + cotton!
    also, i've stopped letting myself buy any kind of sneaker shoe since graduating from college, but giiiirl those are hot.

    1. Yeah my comfort default is jeans, which I always forget that most people find bizarre....

    2. No, I'm totally wearing jeans if I want to be comfy. tights are too much effort and too, well, tight.
      It's a different story in the summer but not in the winter when I want to be cozy and not have to worry about shaving.
      Chic on the Cheap

  2. Great look!! definitely loving those jeans and how u styled it

  3. sweet metallic jeans!
    I know i've been wearing more and more denim, but when it comes in every imaginable color and print, how can you deny it?
    Chic on the Cheap


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