Monday, February 11, 2013

lunch at sweetsalt

Whenever we go for a walk around our area, it always amazes me how there is still so much left to explore.  After all, we’ve lived in the same spot for 3+ years and it’s not like we’re in the heart of Hollywood or Silverlake or any hopping place like that.  Yet a little while back James and I walked by this adorable sandwich shop one evening.  It was closed at the time, but I remember thinking ‘Hey we should try this place out!’ only to completely forget about it until yesterday.

With a bit of nip to the air, it was the perfect day to take a walk around the area and check out the little café, which we ascertained was named Sweetsalt.  They specialize in all sorts of yummy, dare I say gourmet, sandwiches and, surprise, surprise, it was all really good!  James got the Lavender Duck Confit sandwich while I tried out the Truffle Chicken.  Should you ever find yourself in the area, I’d recommend either.

They also have reasonably priced lobster rolls, which will absolutely be what I try out next…  Satisfy our New England hearts with those and you can guarantee we’ll be regulars.  Though in all honesty, the whole menu looks amazing and we can walk there.  Sooo even if their lobster rolls are subpar, I’m fairly certain we’ll be visiting quite a bit more.


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