Sunday, February 10, 2013


dress // earrings // scarf // poncho // bracelet // sneakers


James and I were at Target earlier today because it’s Saturday and isn’t that just what one does on Saturdays?  Anyway, I saw this adorable polka dot chambray dress sitting there and have yet to get it out of my mind.  So I did a little poking around the internet and found some items I think would pair nicely with it.  Anything to prevent me from going back to Target tomorrow and being the only crazy girl who isn’t there for the Prabal line.  So even though many of you are buried under a snow drift or enduring freezing temperatures at the moment, let’s pretend that Spring is almost here, shall we?

Also, do you own a poncho?  If you don’t, you probably should and this one is $12.90.  Twelve dollars and ninety damn cents.  With the dollars you save you can plan a trip to the desert, because ponchos beg to be worn in the desert (or is my romanticized vision of Joshua Tree clouding my judgment here?).

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